There are clear group phenomena (field) that are difficult to resolve alone or in pairs. They are bigger than the individual and may affect us as an organization, society or even humanity.

René Hirschi

World Work, Open Forum, Social Issues, Conflict Issues, Group Processes, Group Facilitation

In the public space of a community, city, canton, or even between two conflicting parties (groups), the "World Work" format can be used to address explosive topics, social hotspots, or oppressive polarities in a low-threshold and well-supported manner.

The "World Work" format was developed by Arnold Mindell for groups, from a few to several hundred people, representative of organizations, populations, nations or communities of destiny.

The format has been used since the 90s in war zones such as Rwanda, in the IRA conflict (Ireland/ England), between warring parties in Russia and also in Open Forum, for example in the USA on the subject of racism, poverty or crime.