Neutrality - what I found very impressive and helpful was your empathic empathy and "taking a stand" - sometimes for one side and sometimes for the other - in a way that I didn't get the impression you were taking sides ..and yet at times you clearly had the back of us involved. This allowed what was real to be expressed. You gave space for what was important to the process to show itself and were able to provide a lot of understanding and empathetic guidance through your knowledge of trauma. Thank you very much again for that.
Warm regards
Ursina 2022

The work was characterized by dedication and clarity, with warmth and understanding René showed a sense for blind spots and helped us to gain clarity and integrate the different perspectives.

In this way, we found mutual understanding and were able to put the highest good of all parties at the center of the decision.

This made a difficult decision sustainable and future-proof for a wide range of parties.

We thank René very much and are happy to recommend him!

Any time again!

Sarina 2019