A group or the larger community can be invited to the OPEN FORUM to explore current, explosive and problematic social issues; for example, racism, addiction, sexuality, violence, discrimination, marginalization, war trauma, or political, cultural, and community issues/concerns.

"The "Open Forum" (World Work) offers a process-oriented space for people who are interested in a given topic. After a short introduction, we will enter into a joint process on the topic and explore the different voices, perceptions and roles in the field - without knowing exactly where the process will lead us. René Hirschi will facilitate the "Open Forum", shaping it with a deeply democratic understanding. Looking out for "hotspots" when we reach a limit of understanding or awareness and it gets hot, "coolspots" when mutual understanding arises and also for "ghostroles", roles that affect the field without being perceived or are difficult to take on."

Facilitation of social and societal hotspots and conflict issues.

In the OPEN FORUM I work with WORLD WORK. This is a format specifically designed to bring the field dynamics of groups of a few to several hundred people transparently into the room. This allows the group to gain more awareness of the different voices and roles and relate them to each other.